Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hedgehog Croquet

Lots of talk at Sta. Rita about playing croquet with hedgehogs for balls. Rather concerned about this.... until I saw a ball up close tonight. It's just a *painted* hedgehog. Glad to know real live hedgehogs are safe.
Speaking of those furry round creatures, Alice got word a friend of ours who lives in Singapore is making an appearance in a play called "The Happy Hedgehog". If he sends me a photo I'll post it! I've watched that kid go from being held always by parents, to being pushed in a stroller, to pushing toy strollers himself to running up and down the sidewalk like a train. Whish!! Whoooo-whoooooo!
Well... Alice is off on another flying thingamajig. Says I can't go. Too hot. Pavement there hotter than 120F. Egads. I wonder where she is going?