Monday, September 17, 2007

Block Party

Here I am with neighbor Aida Rose at the Sunday bloc party. Almost everyone was there. Two other dogs came. Lots of food. Got some WONDERFUL chicken from Aida Rose's Mom.
Aida Rose like Alice got stuck in Hurricane Dean. But, unlike being stuck in the remnants, Aida got the full force as it came ashore in the Yucatan. She and her family were at a hotel. They were worried, but not for long even though they were in the worst of it. At 7 AM, the hotel staff knocked on their door. They thought they would be told they had to evacuate, even though there was no apparent damage. Nope! Just a friendly wakeup call to find out what they wanted for room service breakfast.
They had a lot of fun seeing some newly discovered Mayan ruins including some near the Guatamalan border. And, they all liked seeing the colonial town of Merida.
But, whle I like adventures, isn't it the greatest to come home and smell all the home smells and see your old friends?