Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ernie's Life Story

I've been thinking about Ernie today. Found out some of his life story. He was born on August 2nd in Merced, California to a Welsh Corgi mother. The people are uncertain about who Dad is. Maybe a dachshund they think. Mother knows but isn't telling. That's a whole separate story!
No person wanted him in Merced. Imagine that! He traveled all the way to Santa Cruz to find a human family. I think he looks a lot like me. We can do the same sit-pose, I see. I had no long hair on my tail and ears when I was his age. I see he likes long hair.... And when I was very young I had a lot more black hair on my face, back and tail. Things change when one grows up. But, I'll bet Ernie will keep his white blaze on his face. Very distinguished.