Thursday, November 15, 2007

News from Holland

Alice had word today that Frank's Jag has been fixed up and given as a present to the wife of the restorer on November 14, 2007!! Here it is with its happy new owner -- complete with a gold bow on the windshield. So! The Jag will roar again along the roads of the Low Countries as it did in Spring of 1960. Maybe it will get back to the Swiss Alps or even Scotland again?! Maybe one day back to the California Sierra Nevada mountains which Frank loved so much? Who knows!!!

I'm wondering if they have any dogs who will sit where I used to sit on the back seat or on the lap of the front passenger. It's a great car for dogs. Little triangular front seat windows to have exactly the right amount of wind in one's face. All natural materials and smells inside. Hmmmm. Wood, leather and nice carpet. No nasty plastics outgasing. A solid, quality experience everytime one gets into that car.

I know some cars and stuffed toys have souls. That Jag's soul is a happy Zen Master who's been places and will keep going to places over many different life times.