Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ernie Update

Here's how Ernie looks today. First formal portrait with his human family. He's had an interesting week. Learning how to live with people in a house all the time instead of in a cage with furry Mother and siblings. Lots and lots of rules. Toughest lesson is to learn how to be alone for 15 minutes...20....without crying. I was just NEVER alone before!!, says Ernie.

My first night with my first forever person I remember well. She put me in the kitchen in the flexible wire wall surround. Newspapers to pee on. Blankets to snuggle in. I wouldn't have it for one second. Cried and cried. Got a new place by her bed. Cried and cried. She finally realized I wanted to be NEXT TO YOU!!! In the bed! No more night-in-kitchen-alone for me.

I also had fun as a young puppy chewing up two wooden chairs' lower rungs and the corner of one upholstered chair. My first forever person thought that was fine since the chairs were hers and mine to do with what we wanted. Other people thought otherwise.

Alice sometimes threatens me with learning to walk at heel. "Power walking" she calls it. We shall see... Something tells me Ernie will walk at heel before I do.