Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Seasons Come and Go

Alice is back after a vacation to the beach. I missed her. She says she missed me, too. She thought about me every time she saw another dog, even an old French carousel dog. And I missed her... just about all the time.
Winter has come to the neighborhood. Most of the trees have dropped their leaves. Cold pavement. Cold paws. Some people are even wearing hats!
Happy to hear Pika *did* get some Thanksgiving leftovers... but it was a close call. Her people have a busy life.... Reduced to skimpy restaurant leftovers this year. Barely acceptable.
Pika's town has three new ice skating rinks! I wonder if the people let strollers on the rinks there as they do in my hometown. Dogs *can* go on the ice in the strollers here.
One of the new rinks is the size of two hockey rinks. It will only be open until Janauary 2008, but Alice is predicting it will be so popular, it will be open longer. Here's a link to a video of someone explaining the "rules" for the humans.
Davos, Switzerland used to have big outdoor rinks. Alice often thinks how fun it would be to go to those big outdoor rinks. But.... I'd rather stay in a warm place by a nice hot fire with a soft carpet....