Saturday, December 08, 2007

Zocalo Piste Open until January 12!

As Alice predicted, the first ever outdoor ice skating rink in the biggest plaza in the Americas, the Zocalo in Mexico City, is so popular, the local mayor has extended its lifetime this Winter. Not to be missed was the show the other day of all sorts of sports on ice. Certainly beats the typical scene in the Zocalo with protest tent camp after protest march clogging traffic, endless banging of drums by the Aztecs dancers.... (Do they ever take a break? Vary their rhythm? No. No imagination whatsoever.)

But. The Zocalo Piste people missed a vital ice sport. They had figure skating. Hockey. Short track speed skating. Precision skating teams.

Why no curling?

Seriously. Wouldn't that be a wonderful addition to that rink? Quiet and calm during some morning business hours. And perhaps also a session in the evening, too? People don't even need ice skates to do it!

If a Mexican team ever wins an Olympic medal in curling, I will take some credit for planting the suggestion right here and now. Mexico is a snow sports country!! You can see snow covered volcanos from the Zocalo on clear days. Come on Mexico!!! Get with full Winter sports program. Are you going to cede world domination of curling to Canada?!?

Someone should throw down the gauntlet to the Canadian Embassy in Mexico. A challenge to a curling game on the Zocalo with a pickup "local" team of some good curlers from the USA and Scotland where there are lots of good curlers. That I would pay money to see.

Then maybe one day we will see this amazing curling scene on the Zocalo!