Friday, September 15, 2006

11:50 am PST

I'm still restricted to One Block Only walks thanks to the broken bone. Did that this morning. Got carried back so I could go farther. Wanted to go into the local elementary school yard this morning, but Alice said, "No dice" since kids were there. Dogs are not allowed there when children are there.
After breakfast a check for sunspots in the backyard. None. rats. Ate part of a Greenie and now I'm exhausted. Didn't get much snooze time yesterday. Way too much real estating including a drive to a client's house past midnight for paper signing.
So, special privilege (to which I intend to be accoustumed) noon nap on The Bed.
Alice says this is no way to break the static poses which predominate this Website.
Y, hoy, Viva Mexico! Y Viva los perros Mexicanos!!! (Ya, Pika, tambien.)