Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Pelt

Here I am doing "The Pelt" as my people call it. I like to spread out like this after a long Sun soak outside or a long curl on a couch. You can see my new orange bandage. The color may change in two days when the stitches will be removed.
Meanwhile, Alice went to the San Francisco Caledonian Club's Highland Games the other day. She stopped by the MacIntosch clan tent to take a picture of the wildcat pelt a clan member got a hunting permit to take in California.The clan badge -- just like the Clan Chattan's badge -- has a wildcat and this motto: Touch not the Cat bot [sic] with a Glove. I don't know why I've never liked cats. Seems many in the clans don't either.
In the photo with the wildcat pelt you can see two kinds of MacIntosch tartan. The red one is the modern one with bright analine dyes. The pale green one is the "Ancient Hunting" one mimicking natural dye colors.