Monday, August 21, 2006

Not a Great Day

Alice took me today to the vet to get a rabies shot. Once every three years. Not fun, but not a big problem. Until today.
There we were waiting to get the attention of staff to report "in" with the current "weight" when I noticed the vet's outside door was open. Another dog was going out and I ran for it. (Never have liked going to the vet. Not ever. That's the place where I lost my nuts!! As an innocent defenseless puppy, no less.) Couldn't get far because Alice had me on a short leash. She knows I've tried to run away from the vet's waiting room before. But I got at least 4 inches out the door when it closed on my left front paw. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!
Nothing has ever hurt that much. Not shots, not tooth cleaning, not even the surgerys to remove a couple of benign cysts over the years.
Mocha, a dog in the waiting room with a former Palo Alto mayor, heard me, jumped in her lap and wouldn't stop trembling. Me, I was stunned.
And, must admit, embarassed. Alice always tells me I'll get "shumshed" if I keep trying to dash into dangerous places without looking BOTH WAYS first.
So, here I am. A total fracture of the third bone from one of my toenails. Snapped into two pieces with a dislocation. An early morning appointment tomorrow with an orthopedic vet. Maybe a pin or wire to fix it. Rats. More pills and other medications. And no more hour long walks for many weeks. Cross your paws for me to get through this. Thanks.