Friday, August 11, 2006

Joseph Grant Park

Yesterday, I went to Santa Clara County's Joseph Grant Park. The plan was to walk around there. Check out the lake, ponds and buildings and then maybe continue on up to Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton. However, we got a late start, Grant Park had temps over 90 degrees, and Pika with her black fur coat, short legs and small nose got too hot. So. We just did part of the plan.
We recovered by going to "In 'n Out" by Reid Hillview Airport for Pika to get her first ever hamburger patty (without salt) from that drive thru chain. It really does have the best beef of the chains. They will give the people extra paper cartons for dog dishes. And the people can get grilled onions there.
Yes, I'm getting slightly more pats thanks to Pika's visit, but no sign of any liver dinners yet. Maybe tonight? One can only hope.