Monday, July 24, 2006

Alice Was There

Last night, Alice came back. I did my "indignado" bark at her and then danced all around, even on my hind legs. (That's not so easy to do for short legged, long backed dogs like me.)
She took this photo yesterday at Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood. It's a carved linoleum panel from 1938 of a lady in a green kilt walking a happy dog. They demonstrate the ever important dog to human eye contact. It's called, "A Walk in the Spring".

It used to be in the fast food place at the Lodge for skiers, had many rough cleanings having been behind a food prep area, then got stored under mattresses for many years. Re-discovered in the late 1970's. The artist, Douglas Lynch, was asked to restore it but he preferred it to be just cleaned. The colors have faded so the dog is almost just a ghost, but it certainly stopped Alice in her tracks. Made her remember me! And, think of green kilts and walks in cooler weather.
Mt Hood this past weekend had plenty of skiers, but temps have been in the 80's, so the snow is getting a bit thin and the Lodge's staff is praying for cooler weather. As many told Alice, the cool is why they like to live and work there. More on the past week later.