Friday, July 07, 2006

My Friends Pelle & Patsy

Here I am at Foothills Park with fellow Palo Altans Pelle and Pasty with their person, Jane. Pelle is the curly white one, small like me, and Patsy is a big black one with a very smart white vest. (Yes, I've a white vest, too. My first person called it my ruffly shirt-front.)

We all enjoyed some Village Cheese House roast beef near the deer meadow - except for Jane who prefers Havarti cheese. Afterwards, we went for a loooooong walk around the lake with a perimeter check of the lake's island. Pasty jumped in the water five times! I can't imagine how hot she must get on hot days like this with that black fur coat she has. We saw many bright red and blue dragonflies, a coot couple paddling in the lake, and a little grey and red lobster climbing out of the lake. I wonder what else is in there.

Pelle had to be carried for much of the walk. He has such short legs. When we trot, he practically has to gallop. But he has gone places. He's had adventures in the Balkans where some people actually fear white dogs. Imagine that!

Foothills Park does not allow dogs on weekends. Where is the ACLU for dogs when you need it.