Friday, July 14, 2006

Real Estating

I've been thinking a lot about that overly stressed out contractor's dog. I've come to the conclusion his person just has not explained some basic facts about real estate manners. One must realize that if one's person has a job like being an electrician, contractor, mover, or doing real estate transactions, it's an extreme privilege for a dog to get to go to so many houses and have the chance of walking in so many different places. If so, one must constantly remember one is only a guest. Guest manners must be observed. Etiquette reduces stress and thus prolongs life.
Here I am with Lefty, a friend I met while my person had to spend lots of time at a house she was helping to get sold. Lefty was a neighbor of the house to be sold. We always made a point of wagging tails and sniffing around together. Sometimes on very rainy days, my person would leave me somewhere dry, such as inside the house, and Lefty would bark at her asking where I was. "Was I OK?" He'd always stop barking when she said I as OK.
Another thing about "real estating" manners is one must not be unnerved by seeing houses' furniture being moved around or removed altogether. Some dogs can't handle that sort of pressure. I'm glad I can. That way I can be around to use my nose and ears to protect my person while she "real estates".