Thursday, July 13, 2006

Property Check

Property is very important to dogs. It is our home. Our territory. It's where our people and we live. It must be protected. Not sure why I feel such a strong urge to protect where we live, but I do. I think all dogs do. Here I am doing a check of my front yard.
On the first walk today, I simply had to cross the street to demonstrate to a large yellow dog that I'm not afraid of him, to show him he is in my extended home territory. That he really does not belong here on a regular basis.
He is the dog of a contractor who has been working on a house going up for sale this weekend. The first time he saw me, he growled at me. From across the street! Ever since, I simply have to show him I am not afraid of him. Today, he tried to prevent me from walking on the sidewalk by "his" house. He will be gone soon, likely never to return. He really needs to learn to relax while visiting places where he does not live.