Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Holding On

Alice has been telling me about Timberline Lodge. A nice place I'll never get to go to since only two dogs are allowed there: mascot St Bernards, Heidi and Bruno. (However, a staffer at the Lodge's restuarant told her they no longer come so often since too many children have no manners around them. Imagine! Fur-pulling and poking!!)
Speaking of manners..... here I am with my favorite toy. Favorite it is, but I let any other person or dog touch it, even play with it. That's manners. Besides, I have a whole basket of other toys!
Alice has been reading some books she got at Timberline. She was quite sad to read about some serious thievery going on there for years. Many things made lovingly by craftsmen in the Great Depression have "walked off" from pottery flower pots to original watercolor paintings. Here is part of one in the room Alice had for a night. It was painted by Karl Feurer, by all accounts a very nice man who loved doing his paintings based on plants native to the Lodge's area.
People even took blankets off beds! The leaseholder in the early 1950's walked off with cartons of dishes and bedding!! The Lodge is still having to cope with such insults to basic manners from visitors. One can only hope they've some good housekeepers to notice what goes missing and when, and try to get it back.
Me? I wouldn't want a stolen toy from any other dog. It would be no fun at all. I'd think of the other dog missing it like I would miss my blue octopus.