Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Timberline Hook Arrived!

Got in the mail this week a special hook from Oregon. It has a dog's head and three hooks. Just the right size for my walking leash. And, perhaps, too, Pika's leash and other visitors' leashes and hats.
It came with a very nice note from Rosie. Her person is Andy Blakney, a blacksmith who works on Timberline Lodge's metalwork along with special projects like my hook. Rosie sent me her picture!! The first I've ever gotten from a female dog other than Pika. I see the ear on the hook looks a lot like her ears. And, what a nice "Cascadian" dogtag she has. I bet Andy made it for her. Or maybe another blacksmith called Lisa.Alice found out about the Timberline blacksmiths thanks to Linny Adamson, the curator of Timberline. Linny said the blacksmith shop by the highway at the Timberline road was open the weekend Alice was there and she should be sure to stop. Linny works hard not just to make sure the Lodge is as authentic as it can be, but that all the craftsman who work on it are supported, too. Hmmmmm..... maybe Alice will have to ask Andy to make some iron nails to fit the hook if the local hardware store hasn't black nails.... She thought she saw some iron nails with a flower pattern on the Lodge's front door.....