Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Me as Sphinx

Here I am in front of the mausoleum for Jane, Leland Sr. and Leland Jr. Stanford. It's a very short walk from the Arizona Cactus Garden on the Stanford campus. It is a sad place without sunshine in the late afternoon. Walked up to the iron screen doors to see a very old wreath. Totally dead and brown. There's something to be said about my homeland's custom of sky burials....
Jane had a very tragic end. She was poisoned by strychnine. Murdered. By whom, we really still don't know. Stanford University does not like people to remember she was "bumped off" but some on campus try to make the best of it. Kate Adams, for one, has not forgotten. She even wrote a jazz musical of Jane Stanford's life and death, called "Just Jane". My person went to the premier of the musical and likes best the song about Jane looking over her letters from her husband before she puts them in a fire.
I suspect Jane was killed by David Starr Jordan who did not like her or according to his writings and speeches just about anyone from Asia - which I suppose would include me, too! So, I've that in common with Mrs. Stanford. And, her clear liking for smooth walking paths as in her cactus garden.