Monday, August 14, 2006

"Arizona" Garden

Alice looked for a link for the Stanford Cactus Garden and found out it is really called the "Arizona" Garden. Jane and Leland Stanford had it made in the early 1880's for a new house they never built. Instead, they spent their time and money on creating a university in memory of their only child who died too young.
The garden is a great place for dogs and people. There are nice paths, lots of things to smell, benches, plants that amaze the people like the boojum (left) here. Or, the one (right) that reminds Alice of my fluffy tail.You can see a picture of Alice with a boojum in a forest of boojums in Baja California here. That one looks dead but wasn't. It was just in its native place in the mountains above the Bay of Los Angeles where sometimes it does not rain for many years. (Yes, Alice knows about the snark who was a boojum.)