Monday, August 14, 2006

Cactus Garden

Here I am at Stanford University's Cactus Garden on Saturday. Note, Pika is not in the photo. She went to Aspen that morning. She travels a lot thanks to the fact she can fit in a Sherpa bag under an airliner seat. I could only do that as a puppy. Last time I flew commercial was to Baja with my first person and my current person. But Pika, she goes often between Washington D.C., Mexico City, a "spa" with a lawn and lots of other dogs in the Maryland countryside, and occassionally to other places like Philadelphia and new this year for her: Aspen.
Meanwhile, at home, I go to lots of places with my person mostly by car, sometimes by small plane. My favorites are places like this where there are a lot of dog smells and friendly dogs. I met at least four dogs here. I sniffed and got sniffed as their people talked about one's experience flying commercial the day the new no-liquids rule came into force. Lots of airliner delays then. The people need to relax more. They should take more naps like dogs do.