Monday, August 28, 2006

Bridges and Tunnels

This is what I looked like when I got home from VSA. New bandage on repaired toe. Orange bandage for IV site. Purple bandage for morphine patch. Alice was allowed to take the orange one off immediately. Purple one taken off three days later after the nerves on the bone had a chance to heal up. Morphine is great for dulling pain, but it take away one's appetite.
Alice had to do some flying work away from home so two from of my extended human family took care of me. One slept with me holding me all night while I was still feeling not-so-hot. Made me special liver dinner treats. Took me out to the Sta. Rita front lawn to visit all the neighbor dogs who gently smelled my bandaged paw. Even Holly, the *very* active Corgi two doors down, became quiet and slow when she smelled my bandage.
Alice says this go-slow routine must last at least six weeks. She saw something over the weekend which reminded her of a bit of what I must go through. The long rail line in Carrizo Gorge. You can't see where it's going as it winds through tunnels and over bridges. But it always get somewhere.