Wednesday, August 30, 2006

California Dog Days of Summer

Here are some California poppies. Baking in the Summer sun. Today, spent much time baking like them on the Sta. Rita concrete patio. That patio's days are numbered. Going to be replaced with something else. Don't know yet. Much talk. The people assure me there will be lots of basking spots for me and even for visiting dogs like Pika. And nice chairs to cozy under to cool off on hot days or to be warm and safe on cool nights.
Why poppies? Yesterday, I got a new orange bandage for my split. Dr. Andy flexed my toe and said all is going good there. Some of the nurses there were very upset that day. One who took me to the back room for a new bandage had a tough time with a pet who did not do well. Deep sadness and very shaky. Red poppies for them. Waving in summer grasses.