Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Most Spoiled Dog?

Got a new splint and bandage this week. Alice tells me it's bright pink. Wouldn't know. Dogs are "colorblind", no? I truly like the concrete patio at Sta. Rita. Easy to move between the hot patio and the cool of the covered patio.
Went today to a favorite restaurant of my first person. The Village Pub. Look! They brought me water in a perfect bowl, complete with linen napkin and underbowl. What service!! The half hamburger patty was great, too. So too was being admired and sympathized with by many of the staff who came outside to say hello to me and see my new pink bandage. I wagged at all of them. Hope to go back there soon.
Maybe Pika would like it. There is enough food there for both of us.