Sunday, September 03, 2006

Greenies, Tea and Serbia

Last Friday, Pele and Pasty came to my house with their Jane. We had a nice time in my backyard while Jane and Alice had tea. Jane just got back from a vacation in Serbia. She found this lovely mug there and filled it with flowers from Pele and Patsy's garden. Isn't it nice to think of something so pretty from a place most people just think of as flattened by war after war? Some of Jane's family comes from a village which was completely flattened by heavy artillery after the most recent war was "over". One of her relatives is finishing rebuilding his house. A warm ray of hope, no?
Also, good news, it seems people in some mountainous areas where Jane hiked in the Balkans think dogs with "double" eyebrows or eyes thanks to different colored fur over or around their eyes are considered very lucky. She said I have those kinds of eyes.