Thursday, September 14, 2006


Last week while driving to a Labor Day BBQ, Alice noticed this furry animal on her windshield. It moved its head and blinked an eye. She was very surprised. I could care less. I knew it was a squirrel. They live outside and often make messes. I've never bothered to bark at any of them. Not the ones pulling apart pine cones in my backyard nor the ones running on the fencetop highways.
Alice thinks they are cute. She got very worried about this one because she thinks it fell on her car from one of the big squirrel nests in the sycamore in front of our house. Probably did. Lots of nesting material was loose on her soft car roof.
Alice tried calling the City animal services, but they only respond to domestic pet emergencies after normal business hours.
Luckily for her a neighbor at Sta. Rita, Annette, knew just what to do, even after 5PM on a Sunday. Call Wildlife Rescue. Annette got a call back quickly from someone who deals with the local "squirrel people" to tell her what to do.
Alice's Dad picked up the squirrel by the scruff of its neck. The people all noticed the squirrel thrust out his legs very stiffly so it would seem it broke no legs. Lucky for the squirrel! Just stunned perhaps.
Annette and her family took care of the young squirrel overnight with a shoe box, a dishcloth from my stepsister's house, some pecans and water. Squirrel was dropped off the next morning on Labor Day itself at the local Wildlife Rescue operation at Cubberly School. It will have a nice home while it recovers and gets bigger. I try to care about it, but I just don't. Maybe that's because my relatives never saw many squirrels in Tibet?
PS Got rid of the pink bandage. Knocked it almost completely off while Alice was out flying a mission somewhere. Have an orange one now.