Friday, September 22, 2006

Deep Thoughts

Dozing with dappled sunlight and a belly full of liver, rice and carrots. My mind rambles. What do I love? What do I want? Need? To do? To have? What really matters in life?
I love morning massages when my person does not need to race off early in the day. Early lights out. My person to be with me. Giving me 100% attention. Looooooong walks. Getting to investigate nose to nose any dogs who walk by. Or listen to as they bark from as far as a block away.
Like yesterday. My person noticed I was riveted listening to Patches, the young King Charles Cavalier dog a few doors away. Patches was barking at one of his people who was coming home. My person took me for an immediate short walk to get nose to nose with Patches. He, like me, broke his leg. He fell off a bed when very young. His leg is all fixed now.
Oh, how I love fresh roast chicken or liver with deglazed sauce to make everything in the bowl taste great. Cold water on a hot day.
I think I'd die if I never could bask in the sun again.
Belly full. Sun on the fur. A person nearby who cares for me. That's what I love and need.