Monday, November 20, 2006


This morning, Alice had some guys to the the house to clean the windows. Came back home to find everything very clean and my water bowl in a new place. Sun much brighter in the house. And, a few new chemical smells. Kitchen floor looks shiny. All the photos with Pika's people got moved to more prominent places. I think the guys like Pika's people. A lot.
Meanwhile, Alice and I stopped at Sta. Rita to see how the pool removal is going. The hole is almost full of dirt. The people plan to keep a smaller hole for something they call a "spa".

Out front, my stepsister has planted primroses for the holidays. My first person liked primroses, too, for Winter. And, Alice has some yellow and pink ones year round in her yard.
But, really, ivy is best. So fun to lean in and smell what can be smelled there. At least until Alice says. "Aaaargh, no ivy-diving!"
I never did dive in the Sta. Rita pool. Like, I said, ivy is better than pool water.