Friday, November 10, 2006

Jason, Sophie and Dreams

Steve sent Alice more pictures of his dad's dogs, Jason and Sophie. Her formal name is Princess Sophie Fluffybutt. Yes...we tibetan spaniels have fluffy butts.
My first person really liked that characteristic. When my hair got very long in that area, she would say I was a Dutch Boy with pantaloons. But.... it can be a mess when the pantaloons get very long....
Steve Dad told Alice the other day that he talked through the Internet with my Ruth D. who was my very first, first person, before I had my first forever person. I bet Ruth D. knows where my sisters are. I've often wondered how they are doing. And my Mom...
Alice notices when I have dreams. Sometimes I run. My paws twitching in a trot. Sometimes I bark. Muffled and choked barks. And many times I am nursing my Mom. Regular little sucking sounds and motions. I was the biggest in my litter. I liked to nurse. A lot. Lots and lots and lots.
Once I had a screaming dream and Alice woke me up. It took me several seconds to calm down. It's great to have a person to look after me.