Sunday, October 29, 2006

More from Sunday

Here is a picture of me sitting with Alice, stretching to smell a new local pug while puppy Mozart looks on. Mozart is getting big! And, his leg feathers are starting to get long like mine. The fawn pug has a little companion. They like to run around together and tire out the big dogs.
Also met two big black labs. Pika thinks labs are rock stars. Me? Just another dog. These two liked to sit and soak in the sun like Kate and me. One is a retired guide dog for the blind. The other was going to be a guide dog, but had a "career change" part way through training. So, now both live in the home where they were raised as puppies by a young human girl and her family. Alice did not know that when guide dogs retire, they often go back to live with the family who raised them as puppies.
But, lying on the carpet as Alice writes this, I think of the little dog of Victoria's mother, the Duchess of Kent, lying at his or her person's feet in a sunny spot by a window in a 1857 watercolor of a sitting room at Frogmore.
We all like to soak. Retired guide dogs, pampered pooches of royal duchesses, and me, too.