Friday, October 27, 2006


Fall has arrived around my home. Trees are turning colors. Lots of leaves on the pavement. On the first walk this morning I got a little oak leaf stuck in my paw with the mended bone. Ow! All the memories of the break flooded back. Stopped dead in my tracks. Alice took the leaf out.
I occassionally do what Alice calls the "limpy-limpies". Sometimes my healed foot feels fragile. Sometimes by favoring the other front paw I overwork it. Jumping off furniture after a snooze.... stiff legs.... ouch. She never falls for the too-hurt-to-walk-home-gotta-pick-me-up routine I used to do years ago.
The Japanese maples in my backyard are starting to turn colors. One right outside the big back windows is a beautiful red. The birch haven't turned yet, nor the bigger maples near the redwood. Lots and lots of sycamore leaves falling in the front yard.
At Sta. Rita, the house there is getting a new roof. Here's a picture of shingles being loaded up to the roof right at sunset last Friday. The roofers work hard. They might be done today nailing on the new shingles. Then there will be room again for me to sun my fur in the backyard there.
Watched the news last night with Alice. Very sad what's happening in SoCal. A big fire near Palm Springs which has killed four human firefighters. I bet lots of animals lost their homes or worse. A lady on the radio news talked about having to leave behind her mother's dog. Seems the fire was set by an arsonist. Murderer. Grrrr. In his or her next lives, life will be very unpleasant. For a long, long, time. Won't have any time to enjoy the sun. Fall leaves. Pats from the neighborhood kids. And, certainly not any liver diners. Not ever.