Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Splint & Bandage Off!!

Yesterday, a long day, Dr. Andy Staatz had a look at new xrays of my broken toe and declared the bone is all healed up! Alice will post the new xray ASAP.Dr. Andy explained to her my foot's skin will take a day to "dry" after being in bandages so long. Indeed, the foot looked very wet. With a big pink scar and some places rubbed raw near the splint. But! After a day in the lampshade collar while away from the watching people..... the foot should look and mostly feel OK. Dr. Andy also explained how I will for a day or so, lift my paw a lot, "Oooooo, my sore, weak, and tired paw!!!" Alice noticedI've been doing that a lot. But at least I'm starting to get around better, going further on walks and putting my paw down more often. In 7-10 days, I'm expected to be back to normal speed and distance. Meanwhile, am getting lots of attention.Last night, Diego took care of me at Sta. Rita while Alice went to a chorus rehersal. I snoozed on the tweed couch while he cruised on the house WiFi and his cell phone. Very comforting not to be alone. Or stuck in a vet's cage not knowing for sure what might happen next.