Thursday, September 28, 2006

One Block Restriction

Here is what's been happening to me on most walks since I broke my leg: getting carried home like the dog in this painting. Once I sense Alice knows we've hit the "near-limit" I won't walk any further. I refuse to turn around and walk back. FORWARD!! To NEW places!! Those are my walking mottos. Not once down half a block and back. Not even on the other side of the street.
So instead of pulling on a "little" dog, she carries me. There it is. My way of semi-futile resistance.
Alice saw a copy of this painting by Arthur Wardle on EBay. The collie and the terrier do not look pleased. More like jealous. The one being held is thinking, "Yes, she likes me better! But I'm not going to be cuddled by them when she puts me down." Stressful.
The pink lady is just thinking how pretty her dress and hat are, and how pretty her dogs are without considering the consequences for the small dog.
I'll bet the little one is already drooling. That's what we dogs do when stressed. Alice learned that a couple of days ago from Carol whose dogs, Molly and Teddy, sent me a get well card and some biscuits weeks ago. Carol knows dogs. Lots and lots about dogs.