Monday, October 02, 2006

Neighbor Sasha

Sasha is my next door neighbor. She moved in a few months ago. I never had a next door neighbor dog before.
It's been fun. Sometimes we bark hello at each other at dawn. We sometimes alert each other to interloper dogs during the day such as Fluffy and Tuffy, the big woolly labs, who sometimes do a chorus of "Wake Up Sleepy Heads!" to us in the very early morning. They bark at Pugsy, too, who lives three doors away.
But, Sasha, whom her person calls "Saaaassh", has trouble hearing everything. She's had a rough go with hepatitus and some other troubles which have damaged her hearing badly. So, I try to help her out on alerts. Sometimes. When I feel like it.
Like me, she likes to smell things, especially the ivy under the gardenias. Eat Greenies. Get lots of attention from her person. And soak in the sun.
However, for some odd reason, she likes cats. Actually gets along with them!! Even with the big black and white Nino on the street. Ooooo. I just don't understand that. I suppose I never will.