Monday, October 16, 2006

Real Estating Inside and Outside

Most often, for "real estating" Alice takes me out in her car to visit properties. Mostly I say in the car, but always get short walks if there is time. Like yesterday, went to one place around the corner from where I used to live. Loooooved smelling the old smells out the window in that neighborhood. Then went to what Alice called a "Wanna-be Master of the Universe" house nearby. It was on a street so new it was not on her local 10+ year old map. Met a very sweet border collie there who was surprisingly shy. Made sense later when Alice took me for a walk on that street where around the corner was a Schutzhund barking his head off in the most nasty alarming way. No wonder the border collie was nervous on that street. Life is way to short to get so riled up. Over anything. At any time.
In the office, I try to send messages to the people.... after an hour or so of them telephoning, shuffling papers, and writing that it's time for a break. At least a quick walk to smell the smells of life. I sit on their papers to try to get them to, "Stop with the papers!" But, as you can see from the picture, I am still in full Zen mode when I send messages. Unlike the Schutzhund in full bared teeth mode, stuck outside a house with a huge ivy covered brick wall, on a chilly day, without a hope of snuggling on a couch with a person or even another warm creature. Taught to be mean and nasty to everyone on first glace. Horrors. What that must do to one's stomach....
I shall send warm thoughts to the Schutzhund. Peace be with you.
And to Pika, not to worry, your big protector dog has not forgotten you. When he sees leaves turn colors and fall he'll think how nice it would be for a quick walk shuffling through those leaves. He knows what matters in life. And he would not frighten any border collies for no good reason.