Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bon Voyage to the Jag

Yesterday after an unexpected delay, Frank's Jag is finally on its way to the Netherlands! It is now owned by a family from Oirschot. They will fix it up better than new for someone, I think, from Spain. So, off to sunny Spain from sunny California.
Sitting on the backseat I try to think of who will sit there next. Certainly the children of the family who will fix it up. One of them likes to play guitar, the other likes to surf. Maybe the Jag will have a surf board on top for the first time instead of Frank's canoe!
Then, down to Spain. I hope some dogs get to ride in it. Maybe they will often get to go fast with their noses out the window from a city to a finca where there might be horses and black cattle. Alice rode horses on a long trip there in Andalusia. She says there are mountains there just like the ones here: golden in summer, green in the winter, studded with oak trees.
The Jag likes to go fast. That's what its engine was built to do. Yesterday, my stepsister's husband got it up to 80 MPH on the San Mateo Bridge on the upslope across the San Francisco Bay. He said the engine charged up the slope without using anything near its maximum power. So, here is a picture right after that charge for its last time in California for a long, long, time.
And, finally here is a picture of the Jag's last person from the USA, my stepsister, as she looks towards her current car, a big Mercedes, she admits, is much easier and smoother to drive on the kinds of local trips she takes almost every day. The Jag was to her, in many ways, a "keepsake" from her father. Now, after taking care of it for over 19 years after he had it for 27 years, she hopes -- and I know -- it will have lots of new adventures, drive across many mountains, and purr along with a second chance at seeing the world across the oceans.