Thursday, November 02, 2006


Got a very long walk this morning. Now so tired, am sacked out sleeping. Nope.... curled up in a warm spot and looking out a window now that Alice is updating this dog blog.
Speaking of windows...Alice has been enjoying watching a new house being built a few doors away. It's got lots of windows. Me? I care more about a special clump of grass by the Porta-Potty there for the construction workers... and the fact off-limits curb areas are now open for dog inspection after the cyclone fences protecting the street trees were removed recently.Alice says the house is very important because it's the first here to be built from styrofoam and plywood sandwiches. It will be toasty in winter and cool in Summer with all that polymer insulation.
I still think interesting smells on grass clumps and newly fallen leaves are much more important.