Friday, November 10, 2006

Cody's Place

On a walk this week, Alice took me to see the progress on the new house being built at Cody's old place. The bottom of the basement got concrete a couple of days ago and the construction crew is now putting up the wood forms for the walls of the basement. They want to "beat the rain" they said to Alice.
Cody was a black and white border collie kind of dog with pale blue eyes. The first time he saw me, he charged at his wood and wire fence with a loud bark, a type of bark my person had never heard before. She did not know then Cody is half wolf which she found out later from a neighbor.
Cody almost always was outside. On rainy or cold days he would nestle in his den, a cozy spot under the back wooden steps with a wooden lattice on the side making it dark. He would patrol back and forth along his fence line where this photo of me was taken. In winter his grass and weeds would grow tall, but his patrol path and his path to his wooden den was always bare earth. Sometimes his paths got muddy and then he would go inside his people's house.
When the construction workers put up the cyclone fences to protect the trees and keep people out of the construction site, they fenced in a small bit by his old front door capturing his water bowl along with one of the City's recycling trash cans for the house. I wonder who will use the bowl when it might ever be cleaned out.
I don't miss Cody. He could be slightly frightening. I don't think his next life will be fun. Not to be a human soon like Kate. Maybe a cat. With lots and lots of kittens to feed. If I see a black and white stray cat with pale blue eyes with a mean attitude, I will know.