Friday, November 10, 2006


Alice and I got word this week Kate passed away the day after our siesta soak Sunday last. Oh, Kate. I will miss you. I know you were having a tough time. Getting slower every day. More and more shaky on the back legs. I know you just wanted to sleep and sleep in a warm place like you were in this photo from Sunday last.
Well, we Tibetans are Buddhists. In Bhutan where Alice first saw tibetan spaniels, the people believe before they can be born a human, they must first live as a dog. So, Kate, in your next life, I am sure you will be a human. Certainly a long legged female who runs very fast. Perhaps you might win an Olympic medal. And, having been such a good dog, you will get to live in another warm place with lots of good food like California.
I always take a *great* interest in any dogs I see outside my house or outside any car I am being driven in. My person now knows I am checking to see "who" it is. Anyone I know from a former life?
Kate. Katie, as your people often called you.... like the greyhounds in the picture book "Once I Ate a Pie"....
"....We are RUNNERS.
"....We are kings...
....We are queens...."