Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hooray Sun!!!

Sun is back out again! Went for a long walk with Alice up and down Kinsley and Lincoln streets. She likes to see the progress on all the construction and remodeling projects and I like to sniff EVERYTHING.
Last night, human stepsister's friend Gay took me for a "walk". She said it was more like a sniff fest. Duh! Also last night, Alice saw two black and white tibetan spaniels in a new hardcover book about Tibet at a local bookstore. One was a very small puppy, naturally safe on the lap of a silk robed man in a palace garden in Lhasa. The bigger dog was between the person's feet. They looked glossy and happy on a sunny day in Tibet.
The ginko trees on Ramona between Kingsley and Lincoln are starting to loose their leaves. Sometimes the leaves get so thick on the ground there you can't see any of the pavement or grass. Alice loves the shape and color of those leaves. To me.... they are different than all other leaves. They are smooth with no scratchy bits. Alice says that's because they are an old or primitive plant. More like palm trees or lilies than oaks or sycamores. A tree that would have been there when dinosaurs were on Earth.