Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mick Jagger

Yesterday, I was invited to Jane's house for a visit with her Patsy and Pele plus a walk around their neighborhood. Lots and lots of new smells. It was great!
Outside a neighbor's house I got to meet some other dogs: Shadow and a very big Malumuke puppy. I did not get to meet Cooper though. He is a favorite of Patsy since they are similar sizes and love to romp and play together. All she coould do was watch his front door waiting for him.
Cooper was the subject of much talk by the people. Last week, on a Friday, he was with one of his people up at the San Francisco Presidio Park. Cooper for some reason does not like anyone who looks like a loiterer. He will charge and bark at them. At the Presidio were two men who looked like they might be homeless so Conrad charged up at them.... but without barking... surprising his person.
Then something even more extraordinary happened. Cooper stopped well short of one of the men. Sat down very politely and cocked his head as his person came up to "rescue" the men from Cooper.... in time to hear one of the men say, "Sorry luv, I've nothing for you."
It was Mick Jagger. It seems he is not just a rock star, but a dog person and an alpha creature with enough charisma to impress Cooper.
So! Jane has lots of friends all over, including Serbia where there are a lot of Mr. Jagger's fans. She reports this morning, "...the story of Mick is getting around. I told Velja who is a HUGE Stones fan. He was at a party last night in Belgrade and Boris Tadic (the president of Serbia) was there and they were talking. Velja told Tadic (who also likes the Stones) who ALSO got a big laugh out of the whole episode!! So there you go...stories really do bring humanity together! Or is it our best friend, the dog?"
Well, I can definately say it's the dog.