Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hello 2007

Goodbye 2006. You've had your last sunset. Welcome to 2007.
Alice returned from the beach. She said she thought a lot about me while away. I thought about her, too. When she came back, I did my two-foot dance for her. But, I will miss my walks and time with Ben, Jane, Pelle and Patsy.
It was not a coincidence Alice saw a tibetan spaniel last Saturday at the farmer's market in San Jose del Cabo. Nor that Pika and her people saw two more in Philadelphia on the same weekend. We tibbies are a tight bunch. We like our people to remember us. Always. We are champions of ESP.
What will happen in 2006? Don't know yet. For sure, lots of time in the sun. And for now, warming up by the heat vents and sniffing new wool blankets.