Wednesday, December 27, 2006

End of 2006 Deep Thoughts

I'm getting ready for some slumber parties with Pelle, Patsy, and Jane while Alice goes to the beach. She says she'll probably watch fireworks at the end of the year. I'll think some deep thoughts then about the meaning of life as a small dog. I'll imagine grand vistas. A big mountain. Maybe like Mt Hood where Alice took these pictures last Summer. A place to cogitate on what matters.
A favorite story heard this past year about focusing on the important...(From Jean Arthur, "Timberline and a Century of Skiing on Mount Hood" (1998), p.92 re the "Govy Olympics" at Goverment Camp below Timberline Lodge.)
"'We had a wood-splitting contest, a maplebar and coffee chugging contest and tobacco spitting contest,' says Dave Butt. 'What I remember most is the dog derby from the post office to the Village Store. A truck carried a fishing pole tied with dog bones, you know, because all Govy dogs chase cars. The race started fine until the bones fell off in front of Valian's Ski Shop. There was a big dog fight. Meanwhile some little fufu dog won."
May you win all the races in life that really matter in 2007.