Saturday, December 23, 2006

"P" Party

The other day, Alice and I invited over all our dog friends whose names start with a "P" and their humans. Picadou came with Catherine and her parents. Pelle and Patsy came with their Jane. And, Penny came with her girls, Abby and Sarah plus their Dad.
We started off with quick introductions. Turns out Pelle thinks it's important to bark at all retrievers, like Penny, on first acquaintance. That's his job. It's not going to change. Then a long walk around the neighborhood including a sniff at the "HP" House & Garage. Penny's people told about a similar house on their very own street where two guys started the Google Company in another garage. You can't see much of that one since it's on a flag lot they said.
We all bonded very well on the walk. A big pack. What fun!
Back at the house, we got a fire, lots of dogs treats (thanks Carol and Dick!), and all the people had their choice of teas and cookies (thanks Gina for the homebaked ones, says Alice).It was one of Penny's first invites to a house party. She's learning very fast how to be a guest. She was very gentle with everyone.
We found out Sarah is thinking about becoming a vet when she grows up, if not a professional basket ball player. She and Jane had lots to talk about since Jane knows lots about animals. I'd be happy if Sarah became a vet one day. I like the one I have now, but going to a family member would be very comforting.