Friday, December 22, 2006

Frank Mayo Golf Tournament 2006

Yesterday in the rain, the hardy members of my human family played their golf tour-nament. Alice got pictures of all players but for last year's winner, Anne, and Pika's person, Catherine. Anne might play again since she stepped in a water hazard on the second hole. Bad luck. And Catherine might play again if her husband can play.
This was Olivia's first year on course. She wore a yellow slicker like Alice, plus yellow boots. Smart one, that kid. She also played in her marroon velvet Christmas dress. Very snazzy. Afterwards for the pizza and cookies, we could see her bright blue stocks of her ensemble.
Alice and Abby played in skirts. Alice said it was sort of like playing real grass golf in the 1930's. Alice golfed with Pika's person. Since only the Mayo tournament players were on course, they got to skip around holes to avoid any waiting. Cattherine and Alice even had time for a coffee break between holes 13 and 10 [sic]. Play may continue until Christmas dinner when the trophy must be presented. That trophy will outlive us all.