Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happiest Lab in the World

Here is one of Alice's friends enjoying a Perfect Labrador Retriever Moment. Scout hit the jackpot. Has people throw balls over and over. And best of all, most often into water which all labs love.
I see lots of labs around my neighborhood with tennis balls. Their people throw them, the labs retrieve them, over and over. All is right with their world. Me? I've never chased a tennis ball in my entire life. Alice knows she's lucky if I bring her the Fuzzy Blue Octopus for a bit of Tug of War. I prefer that. And the ocassional chase-me around inside game.
With my double fur coat with some long hair, I'm not meant to jump into water. I can only shake off so much water. But Scout, he can shake off water over and over again, almost bone dry in minutes after a lay in warm sun.