Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Show Pose

Here I am after inspecting the new hole in the backyard of Sta. Rita. It's pretty deep. People say that's where the new spa will be. I'm hoping there will be plenty of nice big flat rocks for basking for me and my dog friends. Yes, that includes Pika, too.
Meanwhile, many of my relatives were down in Long Beach, California having lots of fun getting fluffed up for the big AKC Eukanuba Dog Show. Some of the winners there get invited with their people to the Big Show of All, Crufts in England. One of the winner's people posted pix online! Here's Belle from Wanasea Kennels. Maybe I'm related to some in that picture?!And maybe I'm related to one of the dogs in this picture of 1861 Prize Dogs now on EBay. The dog on the left looks a lot like me!