Thursday, November 23, 2006


We're off today for Thanksgiving adventures. I'm going to Jane's, Pelle's and Patsy's house to celebrate the holiday with them while Alice goes to the House with the Tile Shelf. I went there when I was a puppy. There is a shelf between two beds where I loved to stretch out to cool off and be higher than my first person and Alice. I could jump up there all by myself.
We saw these leaves yesterday on Addison Street. Alice took some pictures of the interesting houses nearby. I found a small yummy bone on Lincoln Street. More tasty than leaves!!! But Alice wasn't happy about that. She thinks it was part of a small bird's wing. Maybe she wanted some of it. I just don't know.Well, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, except the turkeys who will be giving their all today. I guess that's what their job is. To be tasty beyond belief and give dogs hours and hours of great oven smells. And, lots of handouts. And leftovers. For days and days while the people stay home all together and think about those they love who are not there.