Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Thanksgiving

The day started very early. And very worrisome. Alice had luggage in the living room. Was packing things inside. Saw her pack my own traveling bag, too. I knew I was going to spend some days and nights with Jane, Pelle and Patsy.... but I was not sure about the whole thing.
Alice drove me over to Jane's house right after dawn. Jane said Pelle and Patsy were very excited and knew I was coming. They got on her bed to look out her front window.
Alice had to get on an airplane quickly so Jane took me inside quickly. She told Alice I cried and shook for 10 minutes. I did! I just was not sure about anything that morning, But then, Jane put me down and I got to play and play and play with Pelle and Patsy. They know how to play.
Later I got to go to the house where Jane grew up. I knew everything would be wonderful as soon as we got near the house. I could smell Thanksgiving Day preparations. I decided then and there, Jane's Mom was GREAT!!!
Yes! I got some turkey!!!!!
Meanwhile, Alice was at the House with the Tile Shelf. She had turkey with some of her family and three good friends. One of them, Gail, does a lot of work with a group there helping the local dogs and cats without homes. Alice says she saw on this visit only two dogs without collars on the streets. Eighteen or more years ago when she first went there were packs of very thin dogs walking around. None now she says.
I've much to be thankful for. Lots of good food. Warm, safe places to sleep. Nice people to watch out for me. And, one more place on Earth where dogs (and cats) have better lives.