Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fun at Jane's

Jane really knows how to play!! One game is the Blue Ghost Cowboy. I'd play a ghost horse with my octopus as rider. Pelle would try to guess who it was. He was never sure until I shook off the ghost outfit. And then, we'd run and run around together.Sometimes we'd get so tired we would assume our favorite nap spots in the living room. Here we are: Pelle on the top of the couch ready to nibble Jane's hair. Me near the center of the couch. And, Patsy on the floor. She was very nice about being a temporary Number Three for my stay at Jane's.
Meanwhile, Alice was having fun soaking in the sun and doing very different games like reading lots of newspaper and books. In the Thanksgiving Day New York Times she found a drawing of a vine her family has where she was staying. Everyone had long wondered what it was. Now they know: Bengal Clock Vine.