Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Caroling at Sta. Rita

Last night, I got to sit between my human sisters while they caroled by the fire. Nolan played the piano. He said he's done that at Sta. Rita for eleven years, ever since he was a graduate student. I remember coming to hear him play and the people sing when I was less than a year old with my first person. She always liked to sing "Silent Night". Singing is nice, but I don't sing. I like best the beef and lamb plus sitting in a big pack around the fire. Safe and warm.
This year, Nolan brought a friend of his, Roger, who is also a friend of Alice's. Roger and Alice both fly planes for fun and for search & rescue. Roger plays lots of instruments. My favorites are the flute and vibraphone. He brought his Dad's old vibraphone. I think lots of famous people have heard that one "sing", like Duke Ellington. And now I have, too!
Roger and Nolan played an old song by Al Jolson called "Avalon". That was the first time Alice saw Nolan really having to work hard with 100% concentration at the piano instead of sitting back and playing with his eyes closed.
Kate brought her viola and new lyrics for Jingle Bells. And, Richard joined with his violin. Richard, I think, painted the portrait of Jane on her Sibelius webpage linked to her name above. Richard also did a pastel of me when I was a puppy. Maybe I'll post that one day....
CDs, concert halls, and radios are nice. But, for me, music at home played by people is the best of all. Especially when roast lamb is involved.